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Our industry has been around for a long time, and with that has come some standards for how we practice. Although technology and codes lead to occasional changes, the general principles stay the same. The most important thing to understand is that getting a project designed and built is a process, it takes time. Decisions are not made all at once, but throughout the course of a project.

Standard phases bring an order to the design process. Each phase has a purpose and a level of expectation. In general the phases are sequential and you will sign off on the completion of each phase, permitting the project to move forward based on the decisions made up to that point. The time frame to complete each phase varies depending on the complexity of your project. Here are the six phases:

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NA Design Studio is the leading architectural design consultancy firm, of India. The firm prides itself on unique design concept and bold execution, while remaining responsive to the clients’ diverse requirements, solutions are crafted appropriately to the needs of each client. The rapid growth, massive body of completed work and impressive clientele bear testimony to the firm’s commitment to produce the best in every project commissioned. NA Design Studio substantial experience and the large and well-resourced team puts the firm in the enviable position of being better equipped to successfully deliver designs for jobs of any size, nature or complexity.. Read More


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